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In a sense, the creature is like the creator, in almost every respect. Now count as many days, in the order of weekdays from the planet in the 10 th house.

If Mercury is in the 10 th house Mercury is the ruler of Wednesdaythen counting 4-days we arrive at Saturday which is ruled by Saturn. Similarly for planet in the 11 th house we can count 3-days. We do not have any dictum or reason to extend this to other houses of the natural zodiac as they are not ruled by Saturn and do not show the sins causing rebirth. This way he will stick to the path of dharma. It brings awareness and unless we have awareness about something, how can we ever learn about it, or know it or even pray to it?

It is important to understand how the Soul looks at the various houses reckoned from the Karakamsha in the Navamsha. Why the Navamsha lagna in the 12 th house from Karakamsha makes one very spiritual or why the same in 9 th house from karakamsha makes one follow dharma very strictly…go ahead and draw your views.

Maybe its true as during my childhood I never missed even one celebration of Ganesha puja and did this in a very elaborate manner. Shakti Ganesha Mantra was my foundation …. Could you check your charts and see if this thinking is correct. Enter your email address to subscribe to this website and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address. Back Panchanga Muhurta. Sanjay Rath. Back Announcements Workshops. Back Video Media Raphsody Resources. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Karakamsa and Natural Zodiac. House Bhava Example. In my chart this seems to make absolute sense if one were to analyze my affinity to the Devata concerned. My Navamsa lagna is in the 12th from my Karakamsha, which should signify Lord Vishnu.

And my Navamsa lagna lord is my Atmakaraka From my childhood my affinity to Lord Vishnu has been unmistakable. I spent the 1st ten years of my life in Bhadrachalam Andhra Pradeshwhere Lord Rama is said to have spent some part of his life. There is a beautiful and famous Lord Rama temple and we used to visit the temple with my father every weekend. Then ofcourse, our visits to Tirupati Balaji were so very frequent; atleast twice a year and the greatest attraction being walking up from Tirupati to Tirumala which we have done innumerable times.

What is more Guru ji, I do not fail to recite the Visnu Sahasranamam everyday now. I have not consciously realized it but Lord Vishnu has been guiding me throughout and finally it was he who led me to Diksha as well as I prayed fervently to him. Yamini Durvasula yaminirao. Like this: Like Loading Pen your views Cancel reply.

Consult Short Call Doc.Definitions Planets Bhava Definitions. Some of my experiences are listed below:.

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Sun as AK indicates the native has to learn to overcome his ego and should become humble. Mars as AK indicates that the native should refrain from all forms of violence and stick to the path of Ahimsa.

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Mercury as AK indicates that the native should control his speech and be truthful at all times. Jupiter as AK indicates that the native should always respect the Guru, husband and care for children. Saturn as AK indicates that the native cannot give sorrow to others and will have to share the sorrow of many others.

Prominence of Karakamsa, Atmakaraka and Visha Yoga in Christ's chart

Read this carefully and make a list for ready reference. All your videos point to something different and new and it is always engaging and informative. Many thank. Would appreciate if you could hint at my direction of my chart wrt spiritual growth and soul path.

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This is correct info from my birth chart. For reference -Birth time is am on 28 April Your kind advise on soul direction is greatly appreciated.

Moksa Karaka Ketu cannot be atmakaraka. But if he becomes by some spiritual transformation, then you become a jivanamukta. Surprisingly I notice during the Chara dasa of Leo, which started from 10th MayI started losing my job and resigned finally in sept So why are you looking at Karakamsa in the Rasi chart.

You need to be technically accurate else the answers will delude and we can find explanations for everything. Namaste sir, very informative article and thank you for such rare information. Dear sir, In my chart, AK saturn is combust in 6th house sagaspected by guru, and exalted in navamsa. Please tell me what kind of spiritual progress i will have in this lifetime.

My details are : Male, Also, could you please also write an article about the chart of J. Krishnamurti as there is not much information on the web on this subject. He was groomed by the theosophical society, where B. Thanks a lot. What desire does this arrangement indicate? Guruji Namaste,I have Libra ascendant and jupiter as atmakaraka retrograde in 11th house in purvapalguni star aspected by rahu,sun,mercury,mars parashra aspects and mars MK ,venus DK ,saturn AMK jamini aspects inD1.

In navamsa its in 4th house virgo aspected by saturn. Its dasha ends in and amtyakaraka saturn dasha starts. Upto last year it was very hard as u mentioned i felt like soul is getting burnt in fire all bad karma burnt even through dreams.If you enjoyed learning about your Atmakaraka, the next thing to analyze is your Atmakaraka in the Navamsa.

This is called the Svamsa often spelled Swamsha, svamsha, or swamsa. One of the first things I look at in the Navamsa is the Svamsa. Jaimini places a lot of significance to the svamsa in determining core character traits and spiritual inclinations. Jaimini uses the Svamsa as the foundation for other techniques that provide insight into career, authorship, home, marriage, and more. Even without using the other techniques around the Svamsha, you get a lot of information about a person just knowing the Svamsa rasi.

Determining the Svamsa is easy.


You simply check what sign your AtmaKaraka planet is in in the Navamsa chart. The short answer is they are the same thing. Some consider the Svamsa to be the sign that your Atmakaraka falls in the Navamsa, but analyzed in the birth chart. Example: If your Atmakaraka planet fell in the sign of Virgo in your D9 chart, you would look at the sign of Virgo in your birth chart as your Svamsa.

That is not the interpretation I follow, but an entirely separate technique referred to as Karakamsa Lagna popularized by K. N Rao. I consider it to be a secondary way of evaluating the svamsa.

You can also apply this info to your Darakaraka. While the sign of your Swamsha will tell you about yourself, the sign of your Darakaraka will tell you about your spouse. I have vargottam atmakarka Jupiter conjunction venus in pisces in 1 house of swamasa i am 19 years old and i am gaining so much interest into spirituality and astrology.

With Pisces swamsha you will continue to develop your spiritual side in ways you probably never expected. Jai Sri Hari. Stay up to date with all my latest posts! Now the self-division of the Grahas If you enjoyed learning about your Atmakaraka, the next thing to analyze is your Atmakaraka in the Navamsa.

Book a Consultation. Comments I have vargottam atmakarka Jupiter conjunction venus in pisces in 1 house of swamasa i am 19 years old and i am gaining so much interest into spirituality and astrology. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.In Parashari astrology occupation, fame and respect is considered from the tenth house, but in Jaimini astrology profession of the person will be considered by the Karakamsa.

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Methods of Jaimini astrology will give definite results if principles are used in the right manner. Let us consider different combination formed by the Karakamsha in consideration of the profession of a person. If the Karakamsha and the 10th house from it are not occupied, then consider the 10th lord from the Karakamsha to judge the profession.

Navamsha of the Karakamsha should also be considered in the birth-chart. If full Moon and Venus are placed in the Karakamsha as Atmakaraka planets, then the person will have interest in politics. He can become a political leader. He will be a good author or he will work for government as a government employee.

He will earn money by his knowledge as a teacher. If Mars is located in the Karakamsha as the Atamakaraka planet, then he will be associated with the business of chemicals, printing, fire, metal or he will work on a good post in a factory. If Mercury is located in the Karakamsha as the Atamakaraka planet, then he will have interest in arts.

In this position of planets, he will be an artist or sculptor or he will opt for a profession in cloth merchandising. If Jupiter is placed in the Karakamsha as the Atamakaraka planet, then he will be a scholar of religion or he will be a philosopher.

If Venus is located in the Karakamsha as the Atamakaraka planet, then he will be a writer or an author. He will work under government as a political leader or government officer due to this combination. If Saturn is located in the Karakamsha as the Atamakaraka planet then he will be one of the well known businessmen.

If Rahu is located in the Karakamsha as the Atamakaraka planet, then he will be associated with the business of weapons or manufacturing of machines or he will opt for a profession in the medical field. If Rahu and Sun form a combination in the Karakamsha as Atamkaraka planets in the birth-chart of a person then he will work in the medical field.

If Sun and Venus aspect the Karakamsha in the birth-chart of a person, then he will be an ambassador. If Sun is located in the 10th house and it is aspected by Jupiter, then he will run a dairy farm or he will adopt his vocation in animal husbandry. If any malefic planet Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu, Ketu and waning Moon; and if Mercury forms a combination with one of the above mentioned planets is placed in the 3rd house or 6th house from the Karakamsha then he will have interest in gardening or agricultural activities.

If Jupiter is located in the 9th house from the Karakamsha then he will earn huge income as a property dealer. If Moon is placed in the Karakamsha and is aspected by Venus, then he will be an alchemist or he will be associated with the pharmaceutical field.

If Moon is placed in the Karakamsha and is aspected by Mercury, then he will have interest in the medical field. If Saturn is placed in the fourth house from the Karakamsha then he will be associated with the business of arms or he will make a career in the army. If Rahu is located in the Karakamsha then he will work in mining or in the manufacturing of machines. If Sun and Mars are placed in the 4th house from the Karakamsha then he will earn income from arms.

If Moon and Jupiter are placed in the 5th house from the Karakamsha then he will have interest in the field of journalism. He will become a famous writer, editor or journalist.

Skip to content.Twentieth century commentators and astrologers have started discussing it after a gap of millenia. Hence, certain confusions have been created due to various interpretations. Every divisional has its own chara kaarakas, but they are weaker in comparison to D-1's kaarakas due to lesser Vimshopaka strengths of divisionals excepting D, but the latter is useful only for families having some rajayoga that is why D is called Nripa varg by Sage Parashara.

Seven kaarakas rule over all twelve houses. Unfortunately, neither the Kaarakaamsha Chart nor the role of kaarakas is being used properly. Even the timing of kaaraka dashaas are given wrongly in softwares except in free Kundalee Software. If used properly, kaarakas explain the underlying processes and reasons of major events in life which other charts and dashaas fail to explain. These moderners are creating more confusions in the name of experimentation. AK and JK denote the subjects of only one horoscopic house each, respectively lagna and seventh houses.

Lagna 1H denotes the Self as manifest in this world pure Soul is not the topic of horoscope. Lagna denotes disposition, character, nature, etc svabhaava, hence sva or Self. But its houses denote wealth, sense organs like eyes or voice, expenses and losses, etc which are most important departments to be looked after by a minister. Original "Parashari Hora" its original name has not been preserved.

It is equal to That is why the available versions have differences, mostly due to writing down verses from memory. Excepting the version by Sitaram Jha which was deliberately and openly tampered by him and used by R Santhanam for English translation, all other versions are based on some genuine manuscripts, most of those manuscripts are available in Varanasi's Saraswati Bhawan.


Hindi translation by Pt Ganesh Dutt Pathak is almost correct, he was a Sanskrit scholar but like other modern scholars he added his own views in translations which is a crime. Even Sitaram Jha's edition gives exactly same meaning, only wording is different.

It means :- "When degree of two planets are same then consider upto Rahu ; Seven are the kaarakas, some view eight kaarakas". The mischief by Sitaram Jha is evident from the verse itself : Rahu is to be used only when degree of two planets are same, but in that case there is a planetary war according to prevalent wisdom and therefore the defeated planet loses its place and power. It states The confusion is created when Rahu is added on account of sameness of degree of other two planets, and the defeated planet is not excluded, so that total number of kaarakas becomes eight, but it is nowhere said that the defeated planet should be used.

No version of Parashara gives the meaning "eight" kaarakas in the sense some so-called Jaimini "experts" are wrongly floating.

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Sutra :- " Among them AK gives desired or ishta fruits as well as bondage and liberation hence AK is most important ". Modern commentators mis-interpret sutra by adding that it is a view of some others. But none of these sutras cite any view of "others".

Thus, both these statements apparently contradict each other. Verses in same chapter create new confusions.

Role of Karakamsha in Your Profession

Lagna or 1H for AK, 3H for younger brother, 11H for elder brother, 5H for offsprings, and 7H for spouse is correct, but 2H is repeated for spouse, whereas in some texts 2H is mentioned as second spouse. Hence, it seems Mercury should be regarded as significator of 6H and not of 10H, while Mars should be accorded the status of significator of 3H and 11H too for both younger and elder brother, while Jupiter should be significator of income aspect of 11H.


At the end of Varga-vivechana chapter, we find the following relations of planets with houses :. The second alternative is popular now-a-days but does not give satisfactory results always, but the first alternative is never checked by astrologers.


I use it, and it explains many things not clarified through any other tool or technique. There is no ancient or even mediaeval commentary of rishi-based classics like BPHS or JS, hence modern commentators have taken liberties. Some internet gurus have increased the confusion by inventing new theories.Realme 6 Pro Predictions.

What do the stars predict for the mobile market future with the launch of Realme 6 Pro? Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Jesus Christ has been worshipped as the most sacred figure in the world for the last two millennium.

His teachings and preachings have mesmerized the millions of people across the world. His ideals of love, compassion and tolerance have been accepted world wide. Swami Vivekananda has rightly cited him as a source of strength and epitome of perfection. On the eve of Christmas, Ganesha would like to analyse the birth chart of the great soul and compare the same with Indian greats.

Hence Capricorn becomes the Karakamsa in his chart. The malefic planets like Saturn and Ketu in Karakamsa can easily inspire any person to renounce the world and dedicate himself in service of the humanity and showing them the way to salvation or Moksha.

The Atmakaraka is Jupiter the planet of Gyan that is also causing Hamsa Yoga and Gajakesari yoga showing his mental and moral qualities, and his intellectual and spiritual attainments.

Atma means the soul and karaka means significator. Atmakaraka is the significator of the soul's desire. According to the Vedic philosophy, a soul is reborn because it has desires that were not fulfilled in the previous lives and it is born again to get another opportunity to satisfy them. What are these desires? Will they be fulfilled or will you struggle with them? This is revealed by the Atmakaraka planet.

Jupiter as Atmakaraka always gives person a hunger for the Atmagyana knowledge of self and it is found in many of the great saints. Prophet Mahamud also had Jupiter as Atmakaraka. So Jupiter as Atmakaraka or Atmakaraka's association with Jupiter leads a person to occult, philosophy and divine knowledge.

There is other striking similarity in great saints, which is Moon's association with Saturn. All the spiritual leaders have Moon-Saturn association in one or other way.

The Moon symbolizes our mind, and the mind is interacting with our senses to define what is happening to our body. Saturn is the planet of discipline, which initially creates within us the faculty of discrimination and division between the self and the rest of the Whole, but when the schism is dissolved, and oneness restored through our own efforts and attitudinal changes, the higher character of Saturn can be tapped into.

So we can see the acute level of introspection in the lives of all these great saints that has changed their lives drastically. Ganesha's Grace, Tanmay K. Thakar The GaneshaSpeaks Team. Popular Posts. Follow Us. Subscribe Our Newsletters. Email Address. Thanks for Subscribe.

Up Next Articles. View All.As the D-9 chart is based on the Nakshatra. The planets in trines from it may indicate the. The 8th from it is the 2nd spouse 2nd from Lagna etc. The Lagnamsa is also called Swamsa. Maharishi Jaimini gives umpteen rules for judging its effects.

It is also mentioned by several. The nature indicated by. The Navamsa occupied by the Atmakaraka is called the Karakamsa. Some modern astrologers have proposed the interpretation. Therefore it is advised to stick to the version of the. Maharishis, where the Karakamsa is studied in the D-9 chart. As the Atmakaraka refers to the soul, or indicate the way the soul.

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If Ketu is in the 12th or 4th from Karakamsa, then this constitutes a Moskha-yoga, i. Malefics in this place deny deliverance from the cycle of rebirth. The planets in the 12th house from Karakamsa. It is in the first degree of Gemini, which is a dual airy sign, and gives a person who.

He was a teacher from the beginning of his career. Indu Lagna is. He has also got Sastra Saham in 12 degrees. Varnadas of 10th and 3rd house are. This will indicate a very strong attachment to sexuality, as three of these planets, namely Mercury, Moon and Venus. Artha Saham is also there at 8 degrees, giving wealth from the same thing, plus the Roga.

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